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What makes us who we are?

A shooting opportunity in Aalten, what a hoot! For what began as a shooting range with a ‘High’ and ‘Low’ tower and two manually operated machines, has now grown into a challenging clay pigeon shooting range with many game and shooting variations, extensive catering facilities and store! Voskuil Aalten is the clay pigeon shooting range in the scenic Achterhoek region. Hunters, sport shooters and recreationalists experience a great day here.

from left to right Harald Voskuil, Wiljan Messing, Bianca Overbekking and Rowdy ter Voert

Why Voskuil

Our strength

Sport shooters

Are you an experienced hunter or sport shooter? At the Voskuil clay pigeon shooting range, you can keep up your shooting skills. With regularity, hunters visit our shooting range alone or with a few friends to shoot a round. There is much challenge, discover it for yourself!

Group Arrangements

At Voskuil Aalten you will find all the ingredients for a complete day out with friends, family or colleagues. Come enjoy a round of clay pigeon shooting in a natural setting and end the day with a freshly tapped beer and good food. We have special packages for groups, where you can enjoy a stew or BBQ buffet.


After a strenuous round of shooting on the range, it’s time to relax! Take a seat in our catering facility with new look. From here you have a beautiful view of the shooting range while enjoying a cup of coffee or a nice sandwich. Is it a little cooler outside? Then you can warm yourself by the fireplace. When are you coming over?


The creation

History of skeet shooting

Clay pigeon shooting has a long history, it can even be traced back to the year 1822. Back then, clay pigeon shooting was not considered a sport, but an exercise for hunting. But in the past, unfortunately, this activity was not so animal-friendly; pigeons were actually used! At some point the pigeon became a protected species, an alternative was devised: the clay pigeon, a round disc made of dried clay.

The genesis of Voskuil

Clay pigeon shooting as a shooting sport did not become popular until years later. One of the first to offer this sport was Jan Voskuil. He started a shooting facility in Aalten Goor in 1974.

With two manually operated machines, the shooting range took off with a “High” and “Low” tower. Interest was strong from the hunting community, and when the opportunity to move to the other side of Fleurtendijk came along in 1977, the current shooting range was built and expanded. Some immediate improvements were made, such as shooting in the opposite direction from now on. From this side, the sun position was more pleasant and allowed for more shooting.

With fully automated machinery, training of students for the hunting exam began as early as January 1978.

In August 1978, “Shooting Range Het Goor” was officially “shot open” by then-Mayor Bekius and the first skeet shooting match was shot amid great interest. For socializing and drinks, there was the cafeteria. For example, there was a beautiful sports facility that Jan was proud of. Shooting combined with a barbecue or buffet was also a possibility back then. Through various modernizations and changing shooting courses, the shooting range is now “up to date” and sports shooters, hunters and recreational shooters are amply catered for.

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Voskuil Aalten
Fleurtendijk 2
7122 MZ Aalten

Tel: +31 (0)6 54 28 89 54

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