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Frequently Asked Questions

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Below are the frequently asked questions about skeet shooting. If your question is not listed here, please feel free to contact us.


For € 42.50 p.p. you can shoot a total of 25 pigeons at Voskuil Aalten. This shooting package offers a total package of various disciplines; shooting entrants, egresses, rabbits and doublets. The shooting package includes the use of a quality firearm, ammunition, hearing and eye protection. And of course, guidance from an expert instructor who will give you tips & tricks and tell you all about the weapon, ammunition and how to shoot.

The clay pigeon shooting package costs €42.50 per person for 25 clay pigeons. This includes guidance from an instructor, use of the rifle and hearing protection.

The time you spend in a shooting clinic depends in part on the group size. For example: are there 10 of you? Then a clinic will take just under an hour, including explanation and instruction.

Clay pigeon shooting is suitable for everyone. Still want to consult in advance? If so, please call or email us to coordinate.

With us there is a minimum age of 16, and otherwise it is by agreement. Moreover, no one can/may enter the shooting range unaccompanied. The shooting range is not suitable for “children’s parties.

The shooting clinic always goes on. In all weathers, sun and rain, even in snow! Our shooting range has plenty of covered areas where you can stand dry. Do adapt your clothing to the weather; a nice warm jacket in winter and in wet weather we recommend waterproof shoes. Anyway, choose easy-fitting clothes with sturdy shoes

No special clothing is prescribed. However, we do recommend easy-fitting clothing appropriate to the weather conditions. And wear sturdy shoes. It is nice to be stable when shooting.

Yes indeed! You can even come and shoot alone or with a whole group. All compositions are possible. Advance reservations are required. Naturally, the shooting clinic lasts shorter with fewer people.

Reservations can be made by filling out and submitting the contact form. You will receive a response to your request as soon as possible.


Our catering facility will be completely renovated in 2021. The open setting makes indoors more involved with outdoors. From the hospitality area, you can see right out onto the shooting range. There also a covered terrace and a barbecue pavilion! Is it a little cooler outside? Then you can warm yourself by the fireplace. A cup of fresh bean coffee or other refreshment is always available for the inner man. And the small menu makes the smallest appetite disappear immediately!

You are welcome in our catering facility from the time the shooting range is open until 1 hour after the end of shooting.

No, unfortunately. Fortunately, we have a cozy catering facility, where you can order a drink and order a sandwich.

No, drinking alcohol is not allowed before shooting for the safety of yourself and bystanders. If anyone is found to have been drinking alcohol upon arrival, that person will not be allowed to shoot.

Yes indeed! Especially for groups of 15 or more, it is possible to choose our Shoot & Food packages. After a shooting clinic, you can then enjoy a deluxe buffet or barbecue. View options >


Yes indeed! How fun is it to give an adventure gift? Anything is possible; for any amount and for any arrangement. It is freely fillable and is also spendable in our store.

Everyone is welcome at Voskuil Aalten, so the shooting range is also accessible to everyone.

A clay pigeon is a round saucer used as a target in target practice. When you hit the disc, it shatters in the air.

For sport shooters & hunting shooters, we are open on:

Wednesday from noon to 8 p.m.
Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

For companies & groups, hunting training or private shooting lessons, we are open by appointment.

On Sundays, we are closed!

No, unfortunately we are closed on Sundays.


Voskuil Aalten
Fleurtendijk 2
7122 MZ Aalten

Tel: +31 (0)6 54 28 89 54

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For companies & groups
By appointment only

For sport shooters & hunting shooters
Wednesday from noon to 8 p.m.
Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

For hunting training
First time by appointment

For private shooting lessons
By appointment only

Closed on Sundays

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