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Hunting & Sport shooters

Versatile skeet shooting in Aalten

Are you an experienced hunter or sport shooter? At skeet shooting range Voskuil Aalten you can keep your shooting skills up to date. With regularity, hunters and sport shooters, alone or with a few friends, visit our shooting range to shoot a round. There is a lot of challenge!

The course is spacious and uncluttered. The game and shooting variations are extremely varied; incoming, outgoing and cross-flying pigeons, rabbits or hare and doublets. Our complete range of shooting disciplines and our personal approach attract shooting enthusiasts from all over the Netherlands and the border region in Germany. When are you coming over?

Why Voskuil

You are always welcome

Any sport shooter with a permit or hunter with a deed may come and shoot during our opening hours. No appointment is required for this. When you first come to shoot with us, we will ask to see the permit or deed. One of our staff will then walk you through the course to explain how it works at the shooting range, the different courses and how to sign in.

Do you not (yet) hold a sports permit or hunting license? Then, too, you are welcome. Please make an appointment for this.

Getting to know

Would you like to be introduced to the sport of shooting? You can! Make an appointment with an instructor to shoot clay pigeons for the first time. You may take up to 3 introductory classes.

Become a member

Should you catch the “shooting bug,” you can apply to the shooting club Schuttergenootschap Het Goor as an aspiring shooter.

Why Voskuil

What makes us strong?

Clay Pigeon Shooting Range

Our shooting range is recognized by the Royal Dutch Hunters Association and offers the following shooting disciplines: Skeet, Trap, Compac, Parcours de Chasse and Double Trap.

In addition, a staff member is always on hand to print pigeons on demand. The employee also keeps track of scores. That way you can focus entirely on shooting!

Yacht Training

Would you like to receive a hunting license from Stichting Jachtopleiding Nederland? Then you have to take hunting training. The course consists of 4 parts, all of which you must take exams for. At skeet shooting range Voskuil Aalten it is possible to learn bullet and hail shooting.


Our catering facility has a new look! The open setting makes indoors more involved with outdoors. From the hospitality area, you can see right out onto the shooting range. Is it a little cooler outside? Then you can warm yourself by the fireplace. A cup of fresh bean coffee or other refreshment is always available for the inner man. And the small menu makes the smallest appetite disappear immediately!


Voskuil Aalten
Fleurtendijk 2
7122 MZ Aalten

Tel: +31 (0)6 54 28 89 54

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