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Yacht Training

Would you like to hunt professionally?

You can, you can take hunting training from Stichting Jachtopleiding Nederland!

The course consists of 4 parts, all of which you must take exams for. These are the four parts: theory, bullet shooting, hail shooting and handling weapon. Each of these components can be obtained separately. Once you have passed all parts, you can apply for the hunting license. At skeet shooting range Voskuil Aalten it is possible to learn bullet and hail shooting.

Interested? Contact us for more information!

Bullet and hail skills Voskuil

Through Voskuil, you can learn the bullet and hail skills. Hail shooting is taught at our own shooting range in Aalten. For bullet shooting, we arrange for you to master the practice at Shooting Range Jaspers in Winterswijk.

Various dates can be practiced, under the guidance of a Voskuil instructor, of course. There is also a lot of focus on how to handle your rifle safely. This is also an examination item and will be at the top of every instruction. This should become a way of life for the hunter.

With enough participants, we will hold 1 or 2 meetings at the shooting range to provide practical additional information about hunting and answer questions.

Recognized SJN shooting range
To take the hail exam, the candidate must have attended a minimum of 6 rounds of hail shooting at an SJN-recognized shooting range. For the bullet exam , the candidate must have attended at least 4 rounds of bullet shooting at an SJN-recognized shooting range.

Voskuil is such a recognized SJN shooting range! Under the guidance of experienced and trained instructors, you can attend these shooting events. You will also meet our instructors on the exam.


Voskuil Aalten
Fleurtendijk 2
7122 MZ Aalten

Tel: +31 (0)6 54 28 89 54

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